~ » You « ~ » have « ~ » made « ~ » a « ~ » fool « ~ » of « ~ » everyone « ~

All I ever had to lose and all I ever wanted, lies in you
The words I say to you are but a fraction of what I mean
There is no turning back now
Your hand's around my neck, and your hold's so tight that my breath escapes me every time
And grip grows stronger all the time
Reset the broken
Eyes of an angel are illuminating
My chest is overflowing
And I can't seem to forget the vision of "You gave the heartless heart"
Your hands around my neck, you take my breath and I welcome it
The air tastes sweeter than before

On broken Wings - More than Life

Sucks'n'Summer war toooollig...
Tolle Bands, tolle Leute, tolles Wetter <3

7.8.07 11:55

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